Superstar Blogging is brought to you by Matthew Kepnes of Nomadic Matt and Chris Richardson of RTW Labs.

Matt is one of the leaders in travel blogging. His blog receives over 650,000 visits per month and earns him a six-figure income per year. His advice has been featured in newspapers worldwide. He started this blogging school in order to elevate travel blogging and help travel bloggers create long-lasting websites that help others share their passion and focus on doing what they loves. Matt’s intention with this course is to share the secrets and tips that have made him successful. As he says “there’s plenty of Internet out there for us all.”

Chris Richardson is a former IT guy turned global traveler. After running a travel blog for a while, and helping many of his colleagues with their blog he created RTW Labs, a website that helps other bloggers install, manage, and operate their WordPress blog. He’s a coding and technical genius and manages all the technical aspects of this site as well as Nomadic Matt. Chris started out as a new blogger just like you so has a deep understanding of what it takes to get a blog up and running from the very beginning right through to a successful site getting thousands of pageviews a day.

Superstar Blogging is here to make you a blogging superstar. You’ll get two leaders in blogging teaching you all their tips and advice through hands on mentoring and support. No other blogging course offers such hands on help and value at such a cheap price.

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